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Life can be stressful no matter how well organised you are.

Why spend all that money on expensive salons only for the relaxation to evaporate moments after their doors close behind you and you re-enter the chaotic 'real' world.

Instead book one of my treatments to have in your own home. Then allow me to go back out into the .real. world leaving you behind cocooned in a peaceful environment for as long as you please.

You just need to ensure that you can accommodate my couch and be prepared to relax and take some time out for yourself!

Please see each page for further details and descriptions on these treatments. If you have any queries or questions regarding any of these treatments please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page. If you have any queries I will be more than happy to contact you and discuss it further.

To contact me does not oblige you into booking.

I am based in Calverton, Nottinghamshire and the general areas that I treat include:

And all associated towns and villages to these areas.

Pamper parties outside of these areas can be catered for (minimum of 4 people ) by agreement.

I am a professional, qualified therapist, contact made regarding offensive requests shall be passed onto the appropriate body.

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